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Media kit

L’Oréal UK & Ireland Media Kit

Brief: Create a reference document with key facts and figures for media use

Background: Some figures provided by client, others sourced from global website. Other content was outlined by clients and I filled in the blanks!

Tone: The aim here was to dilute the heavily corporate tone of the source information, and create a readable document with a reassuring, confident tone of voice, reflecting the size and status of the global company.

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L’Oréal UK & Ireland internal newsletter

Brief: Mantra suggested this idea to the corporate comms team, in response to a comment that people were complaining about the number of emails in their inbox.

Background: Initially, Mantra worked closely with the corp comms team to identify and develop content. Later, we sourced information from scratch. I developed the first few issues, and wrote others intermittently over the course of three years.

Tone: This project established the tone of voice for L’Oréal UKI, particularly for internal comms. The examples I’ve provided here are the final three editions I wrote.

See more: myWEEK 154 | myWEEK155 | myWEEK 156



L’Oréal UK & Ireland CSR commitment

Brief: To create a document that clearly outlined L’Oréal UKI’s CSR commitments and highlighted progress to date.

Background: Most of the rough content was provided by the client, however some had to be researched from the global website. We were also asked to develop case studies that provided examples of achievements.

Tone: The overall tone of voice complied with the tone set by myWEEK, since its primary function was to educate staff. It was also made into a separate document for external use, eg to media who wanted to learn more about CSR activity in the UK.

See more: Sharing Beauty With All PDF


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