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Murgitroyd website

Brief: Murgitroyd is a world-leading intellectual property attorney firm. Their website was old-fashioned and overloaded. Mantra worked with the company and their US-based web developer to identify and create content for a new site.

Background: Some information was polished and brought into line with the company’s new voice. Other areas were created with support from Murgitroyd comms. Attorney profiles were written via individual interviews with people all over the world.

Tone: Retain the feeling of confidence, expertise, and reassurance, but bring it into the 21st century.

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Murgitroyd brand campaign

Brief: The company had introduced new branding elements, but they had never been consistently applied. I was asked to deliver a case study for the website, along with an advert tailored for the Abderdeen Chamber of Commerce magazine.

Background: I was given contact names of an attorney and his client. After interviewing both contacts, I got their approval on the copy before providing it to the design team.

Tone: This part of the campaign was targeting companies in the oil industry, so it had to be informed, as well as informative. It was confident, reflected respect for the client and showed the assurance of a global brand.

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